Tuesday, March 17, 2009

the worm is the spice... the spice is the worm.

autumn purchased dune on saturday, and we were able to watch it the same night. i'd forgotten how awesome that book was.

i think i read it when i was a sophomore in highschool. i'm guessing this because i think i gave it to shane york in mr. millward's classroom when i had finished. anyway, it's always fun to sort of rediscover something you enjoyed at one point, but had since forgotten. it's good stuff.

for those unaquainted with dune, muad'dib, melange and house atreides, let me begin by informing you that patrick stewart is in the film. this alone would make it worth seeing the film as he stars as gurney halleck, who happens to be a favorite character of mine. if nothing here can sway you to read the book, maybe this can sway you to see the movie. both are worth doing, but nobody has all the time in the world, so i'll understand either way. but yeah, patrick is great here, so don't miss out.

i won't bother spending time giving you a synopsis because there are many available already (wikipedia has a winner as always, click here). however, it is awesome, and you should check it out if you're at all a sci-fi type. to be honest, i don't really even consider myself a sci-fi person beyond star wars (flight of the navigator and the last starfighter don't count, i think... but i love those in case you were wondering). so if you enjoyed that, you'll probably like this as well.
because it's awesome.

and now, on a completely unrelated note, i'd like to share something i felt might be of interest to anyone who found interest in this post.

i'm not sure i've ever seen sci-fi and fantasy blended in such a beautiful way. it's like the best of both worlds (though the star wars galaxy is cooler... at least in the film world). and on that note, goodbye for now.