Thursday, March 5, 2009

when storms seem to be staring.

the midterm nightmare period of the last two weeks is finally over. and thank goodness.

i'm currently in what you could equate to the eye of a storm. the current two weeks are void of any tests, papers, or group projects. one half of the storm has passed over, we're the placid center now, awaiting the second half of the storm to come and throw the oak tree behind my apartment three streets over.

the interesting thing is, it doesn't seem to be one big clump. almost as if this eye was actually two eyes which have met, and will cross and then continue with their respective storms. please see the diagram on the left.

it's clear here that the respective storms have individual courses and only meet by happen stance. however, this happenstance is going to be extremely satisfying as it means for once i can actually study all my class subjects rather than simply studying for each one for two days prior to exams.

you also note that it kind of looks like the storm is staring.

and now i have time to make stupid diagrams for a blog. hooray!

1 comment:

  1. wow, I never thought anatomy and chemistry could be cute looking. But alas, it is. I guess mine would like a big schwa eating a small child with a speech impediment.