Tuesday, March 10, 2009

a bump in night (and other nocturnal onomatopoeias).

noise is weird. it's just a bizarre concept to me that something that exists somewhere around me has the ability to affect my brain by hitting something or utilizing some fleshy flaps in its throat to shout (or howl, or croak, etc.).

last night i was rather tired, and such noises seemed to be clouding around me. very strange. there were indeed some bumps as noted by the title, and indeed other nocturnal onomatopoeias as also noted. some personal favorites were hearing a door on the floor below slammed hard enough that the wall shook for a second afterward, a boy screaming like a girl and attempting to sing like a teen pop-star, my roommates discussion about whether or not the dashboard feature on macs is cool, and the sporadic sounds of a heavy drill that reminded me of both a hardware store and dentist's chair.

i think that there was probably a point in my life that i would have been bothered by this. a time where i wouldn't have been able to sleep with my roommate blasting nickelback and the apartment across the hall having what i would presume to be an irish drinking game by the noise content if i were at any other university.

but if there was, that time is past. these days, it's almost like some sort of collegiate lullaby that i've adapted to. it may or may not be bettering my sleep, but be it known that it can't really stop it either.

eat that, onomatopoeias. in your face.

1 comment:

  1. the wall vibrating = the wall reaching resonance

    utilizing some fleshy flaps = Bernoulli effect

    boy screaming like a girl = a male using a head register opposed to chest register, possibly using formant frequencies (I think that's right)

    sporadic sounds of a heavy drill = noise (seriously, that is what it is called on the spectrogram)

    Thanks to my physics class...