Tuesday, March 10, 2009

trash drama.

just a quick entry.
so, last week there was a get together of sorts at my apartment complex. i didn't go.

but my roommate did, and he was so generous as to offer to even throw away a pickle jar afterward. instead, though, he forgot and it somehow wound up in front of our door. i didn't think anything much of it, until someone felt that it was either an invitation or it was annoying, and decided to send some sort of message by leaving a jug of expired milk next to it.
not feeling it was my responsibility, i left it there, and so did everyone else.

apparently, this didn't get the intended message across, so the phantom went one violent step further.
you've got me what his motivation was, but he violently emptied the jug of its expired contents and gently returned it to its place at our door.

then someone else joined the fun, but it wasn't as interesting.
all they did was open the pickle jar (possibly relieving themselves in it) and added two root beer bottles.

someone else cleaned it up eventually. probably the phantom who put it there in the first place.

like i said, not the most exciting post i've ever written, but random enough of an event chain that i thought i'd share.

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  1. I am glad you are amused by it. The whole thought of a warm jug of milk sitting out in front of my apartment is enough to make my stomach curdle....ha...ha ha...ha.

    Anyway, you should ask Hyrum about when he and I burned a bag of beans on someone's porch.