Monday, May 18, 2009

as an elephant eats.

hey there. remember how i said i'd post more 8 bit stuff as i finished it? well, i finally finished another one.

i've realized that the fun of having multiple projects at once comes at the price of a slower development for each piece. simple, i know, but it's just started setting in. that means you may not be seeing these (or hearing them, rather) as often as i'd like. oh well.

here's my first of a few covers i'm working on. it's from a film which you'll probably have seen. i wish i'd had more to do for it, but i thought for now it would do as is since i really want to get to other projects. it may have more surgery later on... we'll see.

so here's the movie clip. as always, it's only a clip because blogger demands it be more than just a sound file. the visuals are strictly there to not make you stare at a plain black screen. if you want a copy, let me know. i'm sure i'll be able to get you one. also as always, you may want to be careful with your volume. you've been warned.

and thus, i give you, as an elephant eats.

i guess we'll see how long it is until the next one is up. could be a bit thanks to some tricky harmonies, but if you've waited this long for this one (as i know my severals of diehard fans have done) you'll be used to it.

so long, friends.


  1. That movie scares me, but the song you re-did is very good. I think this may be my favorite :)

  2. I'll have you know I listened to this song like 5 times on repeat.