Thursday, May 14, 2009

shorts.(kind of boring)

hello everybody.

i feel a bit lame because i haven't been keeping up with my posts as of late despite some cool stuff happening. suffice to say that madtracker software and job hunting and sleeping have occupied a large amount of my time as of late.

well, all of that and law and order. i love law and order.

in the meantime, i have a few projects that i'm working in the digital music world that should be posted soon with any luck. much thanks to skyler for his input, by the way, which is proving extremely useful.

i'm currently trying to find a way to make this post somehow interesting despite it's entire purpose being only to say "read the next post, it's sure to be worth it."

so in the meantime, i'll make the note of the fact that i'm attempting to begin exercising. this includes a rather humorous trip to the di buy some cheap exercise clothing since i don't actually own any shorts, or anything outside of dress pants, corduroys, and jeans. being that i haven't worn anything at all in the realm of gym clothes since high school, we did what we could in trying to re-aquaint me with the uniform of a gym-goer. now, i'm not especially use to wearing shorts. therefore, the idea of wearing shorts that are even shorter than usual is a bit uncomfortable. to counteract the short factor, i decided to try out the large and xl pairs because they were the only ones that were looking like they would reach my knee.

i tried on the pair that seemed most likely to be the right length, and, well... i pulled a jared.

the shorts i wound up purchasing were indeed a bit shorter than the knee, but i guess fashion comes at the price of modesty at the gym. that's just the way it goes.

i'll let you know if anything funny happens involving a rowing machine or anything of the sort.


  1. Maybe a shopping trip with your mother is in order?

  2. Maybe that would help.

    I tried to talk him into taking a drive up to Walmart with me to get some shorts. However, when I explained they would be a few dollars more expensive the idea was quickly dropped.

  3. i taught you better than that lundy. much better, what do we wear when we go to the gym? starts with man-

  4. Congratulations on that rapid weight loss! And now, with the $5 foot long, I bet your wallet is fatter!