Monday, May 4, 2009

heavy's big fists.

for those of you who may not know me in real life, or haven't known me in real life for very long, i have a bit of an interest in creating music. however, the fact that i'm somewhat limited in my resources, making cheap digital music has had a certain flair for me.

well i've started playing with the stuff again. yes, again. if you'd like to get a hold of the stuff i made my freshman year, you can find it here. it's free to download if you'd really like to, though that may be unlikely.

anyway, i started playing with things some more, and have a new little number for everyone. i would have simply set it up as a sound file, but blogspot will only let me load it as a video. such being the case, i made some lame visualization for it with windows movie maker. don't bother complaining about how poor it is, i'm fully aware. it's just so it wasn't just black space. and by the way, if you'd like a copy of the track for whatever reason, just let me know in a comment or something. i'm sure i can get it to you somehow.

anyway, here it is.
you may need to turn up your speakers.

more than an attempt to make enjoyable music, this was an experiment. it turned out about as well as i could hope for considering the time and resources i had. hopefully more stuff will be posted as time moves on.

and that's about all this post was for. like i said, hopefully more in the future. for the time being, i'm sure "heavy's big fists" is more than enough digital blips to satisfy the most of you. and the rest of you, be patient.

and a big thanks to brad for the title.


  1. I like the loops, but I think it needs some 8 bit percussion to keep it moving. Does the nerdtracker software you run have the "drum" and "scrape" noises or are they created by a combination of noises?

  2. this is actually nanoloop business.

    i agree on the drums. if i go back and work on it a bit more, that's the first item of business. i ran out of time when i was working on it though (and not on my own computer) so i finished it as is to make sure i had it saved.

  3. ah. I never gave nanoloop a fair try, but I've always wanted one of the cartridges for the original gameboy (68 Euro, unfortunately)