Wednesday, June 3, 2009

count tranceula

hey there. so, it's been a while. i know. the fact of the matter is i actually have a bit to do these days, so posts aren't going up quite as readily as before.

but this little treat is really something especially good. something especially... spooky!
props to my brother skyler for this one. a good majority of this was written by him for guitar and simply translated to 8 bitness. i had some additions, but most original writing goes to his credit.

anyway, it may be a bit earlier than the usual season for this sort of thing, but i hope you all enjoy it just the same. and as always, watch your volume before you start.

now, may i present to you,

count tranceula.

hope you enjoyed. i was pleased as a peach when i found the photo for this video. not super thrilling, but i knew i was going to be lazy and have you staring at it for two minutes, and i couldn't have asked for a more entertaining still frame than the one i found.

keep it real folks, really real.

1 comment:

  1. It's true, you have been super busy. I enjoy this one, I think you and Sky did a great job :)