Friday, May 15, 2009

mopping with cute little animals.

so, i know i had a post something like ten hours ago saying to just wait because it may be a bit before i have another reason to post.

well, a reason came up sooner than i expected. on top of that, it actually has nothing to do with tunes like i said it probably would. oh well.

i clean bathrooms every morning starting at 4:30 am. as you can probably guess, things can get pretty interesting with everyone consistently being up at this time. (for a great example of this, check out my coworker laura's post about it.) part of cleaning the bathrooms is mopping.

here's a typical perspective. nothing fancy, just a simple stick to mop head view that doesn't allow much to be seen outside of it mopping up a (often bizzarre) collection of marks, hair, and spills. this is, after all, what it has as a purpose. to clean up what mop's good friend broom misses.

anyway, this morning we put a new mophead on the stick because the one we put first on essentially had been used as part of a bullet-proof vest, it was not working at all. it was referred to as "the devil" by travis and "a wet t-shirt" by kyle. this is unimportant, though, outside of the fact that it caused us to go downstairs, replace the mophead, and come back up. because we were carrying it up we were able to see it dry which is unusual, as its almost always in a bucket of consume eco-lyzer mopping solution.

on our way upstairs, i began using it as a sort of gandolf staff, and met this when i looked at it.

it's a kitty!

or maybe the antagonist from soul reaver for playstation. whatever.

either way, it's adorable. i'm mopping with something that is just tooooooo cute! these animals are cute enough that other cats have been able to even spark and internet pop culture icon. i smell a spin off.
so. expect to have this image in your inbox soon, along with "hilarious youtube clips" from your coworkers.
because it's adorable.

i'll try to have an interesting post up soon. but at five in the morning, this seemed like a post opportunity i couldn't afford to pass up.


  1. just died laughing in a public computer lab. I am so sad I slept in this morning. Ha! still laughing.

  2. yeah, why do we even sweep if we still have to mop? I'm going to vacuum all of my floors when I have my own house. Yes, I'll still have to mop, but it will make the broom (and therefore dustpan) obsolete. I will probably have to roll the vacuum past the kitchen anyway.