Friday, January 15, 2010

rorschach bell.

we're going to try a little something with this post. i'm quite curious to see how it turns out. a little background first.

no doubt many of you have seen or heard of inkblot tests, more formally titled rorschach tests after their creator. the idea behind the test is that a participant is shown an ambiguous shape and the participant projects meaning onto it and says what the object "is." of course it's not really the shape of anything. it's completely random. the meaning it has to the viewer is only that which the viewer projects onto it. dig?

so i was eating taco bell today, as i often do, and on my way to my seat grabbed some extra hot sauce and napkins for today's post. here are the rules. as you scroll down the page, you'll be shown six sauceblots. your job is to decide what you think each is, and write it down. the blots will be numbered, so when you're done, post your numbered answers as a comment if you could be so kind. the only rules are that you only look at one sauceblot at a time and that you don't look at anyone else's answers before you have your own. we don't want their answers influencing yours.

and yes, they may not be exactly symmetrical. in an ideal world they would be, but with the resources as hand, we'll make do.

so... go ahead. start projecting meaning.

scroll down.

sauceblot one.


scroll down.

sauceblot two.


scroll down.

sauceblot three.


scroll down.

sauceblot four.


scroll down.

sauceblot five.


scroll down.

sauceblot six.

you're done! now remember, make sure you've recorded your answers before you go any further so that you don't see the answers that other people have placed before you put your own down. thanks! i look forward to seeing what everybody says. i'll post my answers as soon as i finish posting this whole thing.

thanks all, see you next time.


  1. i saw...
    1. a mustached man wearing a large pair of glasses
    2. two people, back to back, crab walking on a floor.
    3. a juggling skull and crossbones.
    4. two amish miners calling to one another.
    5. a talking tree in the middle of a jungle.
    6. a tick flexing his biceps.

  2. methinks i see...
    1.a butterfly or as me and my sisters say, a flutterby
    2.a crab
    3.the Covenant shield logo when picking your difficulty on Halo (specifically "easy")
    4.two monks back to back praying on crystal balls
    5.a tropical, possibly cannibalistic, penguin angry, mustachioed pumpkin

  3. 1. Butterfly
    2. alien
    3. skull
    4. 2 people sitting back to back
    5. palm trees on beach
    6. dancers

  4. 1. butterfly
    2. Crab
    3. A skull
    4. Two people dancing
    5. A chicken looking animal in a jungle
    6. Children playing on a merri-go-round

  5. hah, awesome. I saw:
    1. a face wearing glasses
    2. a crab
    3. a pirate flag for dogs
    4. mating squirrels
    5. waffles
    6. a scared bug using a stethoscope

  6. 1. butterfly
    2. ladybug
    3. skull crossbones
    4. frog
    5. panda
    6. wild boar

  7. 1. butterfly
    2. crab
    3. skull
    4. two men fishing
    5. fence
    6. strawberry

  8. 1. surprised/worried, friendly, mustached italian
    2. Two guitarists doing back-to-back chuck berry duck walk
    3. quadropus breakin a sweat thinking with his large brain.
    4. Two ALF's sitting back to back shooting a bow and arrow into the heavens
    5. Two ships exchanging fire
    6. One of those closeups of a dust mite or skin eating bug.

  9. well thanks for your participation, everybody! i appreciate you taking the time to share you projections. hopefully you enjoyed it.

  10. 1. grasshopper
    2. two people dancing a jig
    3. skull & weird crossbones
    4. two javelin throwers running at each other
    5. palm trees
    6. a mushroom guy from Super Mario Bros.