Saturday, January 30, 2010

the learning machine.

as you may have read in last month's issue of alternative press, there have been rumors of me finally recording an album after years of playing shows to audiences of anywhere from one to six people. while some of you may have been spreading these rumors, and many more of you hoping they were true, up to this point they have indeed been nothing but rumors. with this in mind, i'm happy to announce that such is no longer that case, and in fact, you'll be able to have a copy of my debut 'the learning machine' for your household come this summer.

that being said, things are very much still in development. the eleven track album currently has seven songs guaranteed their respective slots and the remaining four slots have a few potential tracks to fill them. i won't bother telling you what's included as the song titles will unfamiliar to everyone, but eleven tracks it will have. also, though the seven certain ones are fully written, there has been no recording as of yet. that and then deciding what to do with the tracks once i have the album assembled. while i would love to actually have a proper album produced, i may just wind up burning my own and selling them for two dollars. that being said, if any of you have any insight on producing an indie album, do tell.

anyway, shortly put, look for 'the learning machine' in some format this summer, and you'll find it. i'll keep relevant updates coming on here. until next time,


  1. I found this blog when I googled "early embarrassing nsync music". On another note, yeah totally forgot to give mom and dad your bass and tambourine. I'll find a way to get it to them and throw in a bonus "home recording for dummies" book for good measure.

    looking forward to how this materializes, its always good to get the tunes out of your head and on to some tape. Have you looked into a cheap 4 track analog recorder?

  2. Excellent! I wish my birthday were in the summer so I could put this on my wishlist...
    If you need any help with that hit song, "Alone in my principles" you know who to talk to!
    Love the cover, p.s. :D