Friday, January 8, 2010

owain phyfe.

hey friends. it's been a while.

this is a quick post to share a bit of writing I did in one of my psychology classes. we were asked to write a quick paragraph or two about ourselves to help other people remember us. did i get a bit carried away? perhaps. on the other hand, they'll probably remember better for it. and
as many of you may not really know me very well, i thought i'd post it to help introduce myself.

About... me.

The name is Trace Lund. Trace as in a synonym for residue; Lund as in the Swedish university. I’m a junior or senior depending on how you view my credits, as many psych majors are. My main interests in psychology are abnormal and developmental psych. Hopefully by the end of my academic journey I’ll be able to obtain a doctorate. But how knows? Maybe I’ll wind up being a traveling minstrel instead. Ideally, I’d be able to do both. I play a few stringed instruments, as well as general percussion, so it’s a fair possibility, really. I could travel the nation—nay, the world—spreading delightful music and programs designed to help all those willing to hear my words on psychology.

So. Hopefully you weren’t looking for anything to profound. I think the mental image of a mandolin-playing psychologist with a monocle (and possibly a traditional Victorian garb) may prove to be more helpful in remembering this than my age or town of origin.

i'm sure they'll all want to be in my group now. and no doubt this was very insightful for you. hopefully your new year is going well. maybe i'll post something worthwhile in the near future. maybe.

and here's the link to explain the title.


  1. My name is Trace Warren Lund
    Trace... If I had been a girl my name would have been Tracy
    Warren.. After my grandpa
    Lund... as in Lund University

    The thought of residue never entered my mother's mind while naming me.
    Your Mother :)

  2. wish i were in your psychology class... at least i follow your blog.

  3. My name is Trace Lund. (here are some possible improvements?)My neices and nephews think I'm alright, and are wearing 5 month old strings on thier wrists to prove it. I own Kiss themed chucks. I am the only person at BYU who knows what an ascot and a monacle are.
    My sister worries about me, but not as much as my mom.
    Other than that is was great. I wish I was in your psych class, but I can't spell phychology with out pasting it from an earlier post, so I guess that's out.