Sunday, January 2, 2011

lie detectors.

i'm writing this post from my phone as a test, so if formatting seems wacky, accept my apologies.

i recently realized that i would fail any lie detector test. this is not because i'm a poor liar (though i am), but because although i respond well to pressure when it comes to schedules, assignments, etc., i am absolutely terrified of interrogative situations. for whatever reasons, i can't handle it. whether or not i know something, did something, or anything else my nerves loudly rattle when someone interviews/interrogates me as if i do.

i can handle interviews for work or the like, but if i were wrongfully accused of even a petty crime and given a lie detector test, my physiological responses would betray me and i'd likely be found guilty. at least based on the test.

i hate that.

on a side note, i've once again grown the christmas chops.

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