Sunday, January 16, 2011

dr. dohn m. denison secondary school.

"Dr. J.M. Denison S.S. is a public high school in the York Region District School Board located on 135 Bristol Rd, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada and it opened in 1989. Additions were built in 1991, and a new technological studies wing was completed in late 2009. The school is just south of the border between Newmarket and East Gwillimbury, but the school address is in Newmarket."

sometimes i'll commit to doing thing only because it'll make me do something i wouldn't do if i just had to say yes or no at the moment of the opportunity. such is the case with a local music venue's singer/songwriter competition. i received an e-mail last monday saying that they were having a week long equivalent to a battle of the bands where five (i think) people will play a twenty minute set of their original stuff. winner for audience and judge's choice. realizing it was an interesting opportunity, but i wouldn't do it if i got there and didn't have to, i immediately wrote back and signed up. so now i have to, which is a good thing. it's intimidating, but i'll survive at any rate.
the predicament this puts me in now is what songs to play. my current game plan is to do two songs on guitar and then two to three (depending on time) on the ukelele. i'm deciding on my guitar ones, as i've a few i can readily use. however, my ukelele ones present an opportunity to spew some creativity as i've got two songs with the music laid out that i would love to use, but no lyrics as of yet for either. so i'm looking for things to write about. wikipedia's random article generator (a favorite passtime)has been helpful for this sort of thing in the past (and is the source of the article at the top of the page), but it's still not proving very helpful. 

so. here's the scoop. i'm posting two songs up with their working titles i had pertaining to where they might go. it would be very helpful for me if you could post a comment stating what each, or one of the songs make you think of so i can possibly use it as a basis for writing the lyrics. you can feel free to use the working titles as a basis for your ideas, or forget the titles altogether. if i choose yours, you won't get much out of it... but i'll mention your name and buy you a soda sometime. 

the songs.
(oh, and as a sidenote, these aren't the whole of the songs, just the gist so you get the general feeling. also, i look angry in both videos. i'm not sure why that is.)

good day to grow a beard.

peruvian tracy. 

thanks again in advance.


  1. the first one makes me think of a dragon. the second one makes me think of a beautifull villa in mexico or maybe spain, overlooking the ocean. and also of kissing a beautifull spanish or mexican girl on that villa. and also of a pirate ship on the horizon, specifically a spanish corsica

  2. Song one: Makes me think of taking a nice summer drive. Not in a crazy "road trip!!!" type way. More like a nice chill drive winding through canyons and fields. Its warm enough to have the window down, you have a driving tan and you are doing that thing where you put your arm out and ride the wave of the wind against your hand at different angles. Maybe the drive on the way to something good? Maybe you just found out some good news? Maybe this is too much like a car commercial. It could be cool to think of a moment in history where someone had some good news and might have an experience like this.

    Song 2: Definitely a "story" song. The first thing that comes to mind is celtic themes, but a modern story with heroic undertones could be more interesting and less predictable. A story about a kid doing something heroic. The last chord definitely is a "closure" chord. Can't help you with the story, but that is an expert department of yours.

  3. Funny, before I looked at Sky's I was going to say country bike ride--even a city bike ride-- for the first one.

    And the second? Maybe a snowfall, a walk through a museum, getting long hair cut off, sitting in a big empty house by yourself, or exploring some old empty buildings. My weekend in Maine may have had some influence on this one!

    BUT, if you play the two simultaneously--I would say... Mermaid party. Definitely.