Wednesday, December 22, 2010

robin of christmas.

it's 1:33 am, robin hood is playing on the television, roger is asleep on the couch's fold out bed and neil is bobbing in and out of attention to the film while his head keeps resting on my right arm. i'm still awake compliments a winter break schedule that little regards night and day, and christmas is now approximately seventy hours away. 

as much as i remember each christmas holiday, i remember just as well past christmas breaks that accompany it, at least since high school when i really started giving it an effort to make my breaks count. i do enjoy it. 

and what's the point of this post? nothing i can put my finger on. it's now 1:53 am and writing two paragraphs has apparently taken twenty minutes. by the time i post this, it'll likely be around two am even. i'll post this for the sake of its posting rather than the sake of any content.

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