Friday, August 21, 2009

revelations from the noggin (fairly boring).

thanks is owed to my friend lee-ann for her post on her blog (found here, if you're curious) that featured some tests she took from the noggin website. now, not only do i love taking pointless quizzes, and love noggin from my teenage days, but i'm also eager to find distractions from lots of things. you may have noticed that from the slur of posts over the last little bit in comparison to my usual consistency in posting. you could say i'm blog vomiting, or blomiting, these days. or maybe blogiting... i can't decide.

anyway, some results for you. and some commentary.

this one may or may not be accurate according to which element of my life you want to take in for examination. on the whole, i'll say that's fairly accurate.

this one isn't very accurate at all. i watch gossip girl when i'm the mood for just about anything, because i'm always in the mood for gossip girl.

key word: jolly. when you're jolly, you can get away with any flavor. you can also melt in pockets--don't read into that.

i didn't realize this test was just for girls until half way through, and it was only about six eight questions long, so i finished it anyway. besides, the semester is starting soon so i need all the tips i can get. sadly, this one didn't prove all that helpful as i already planned on wearing plenty of plaid.

and to end on a strong note, one more bit of evidence that i should have been born with a horn growing out of my forehead, just like i've been saying all along. we all knew that i had to end this slur of quizzes with one that was accurate.

well, that was a waste of time for both you and me. hopefully you didn't bother reading unless you were as bored or desperate for distraction as i was when i wrote it/was doing my research for it.

and by way of announcement, mark williams is very cool. we once lit a small, paper mermaid on fire. i'll have to tell that story another day. it was fun. i have pictures too.

so long, everybody.


  1. the word "blomiting" has just been injected into my vocab. thank you.

  2. very welcome. glad something productive came from this post.

  3. Wow, when I take "What Candy are You?" quizzes, I get things like "manufactured," "artificially flavored" and "unhealthy." I had no idea Jolly Ranchers had PERSONALITY TRAITS!? I've been eating them, when I could've been making friends with them!

  4. If you don't mind, I too will adopt "blomiting."

    I think you better register that phrase so you get creadit for it's wide spread usage.

  5. good point. hello urban dictionary.

  6. and watch out if you look that up. there are some very colorful definitions for the same word. you've been warned.