Thursday, August 27, 2009

minnie and me.

this post is devoted to my stout friend jimmy and my tall friend neil.


the three of us went to school together. i moved into the area where i lived out my teenage years the summer of 2000. i think. i met them in eighth grade when wee trace was floundering around morgan middle school. we were pretty tight friends throughout high school, and had many a zany experience. i wish i could tell you how these two met, but i wasn't around and i'm sure i'd get the story wrong. so oh well.

anyway, it's 1:19 in the morning and i'm looking for something to write about. then i realized that these guys are awesome. so i decided to post this.

the number of stories i've told that begin with either "one time, me and my friend jimmy..." or "i remember once that neil decided that..." i couldn't tell you, but they are many. and that's realizing that most of the best stories haven't been told. at least not out of the circle of the three of us. stories involving mama mia, throwing a tv from a roof (in a tweed suit), camping on the watertower, fake tattoos, pirates, oslo the dog, and lot and lots of sharpees. it's wonderful. you can't put a price on memories like that.

anyway, as of recent things have gotten really weird in a few very particular ways. so having a set of friends such as these is really nice. i worry at times about how a lot of my friendships are based on specific things. i.e., classes, mutual friends, team fortress... once those things are gone, so are those friends (or worse). it's always reassuring to know that these two weenies are always around to remind me with a noogie that i have some of the best weenies in the world as friends.

so, to you two losers whom i adore so much, thank you for being a friend, to quote the theme from golden girls. you guys are great. i (saying this at the expense of being sentimental) sincerely hope i've been as a good a friend to you guys as you've to me.

and to everybody else who read this, chances are you're very cool too. and i'm probably friends with you... probably.


  1. i must wonder who this mystery reader is who is going to be sick. any claims?

  2. hahah I was hoping you would notice. Well, I thought what better way to give a stamp of approval to a post that ends with bff 4-eva heart?

    Had the choice been "this post sucks" I wouldn't have clicked, but nausia was a good way to describe my reaction to your longing gaze in that picture.

    Clicked in jest, and I appreciate you affording me the chance to clarify that it wasn't mean-spirited at all. Setting aside your unnatural affection for Sean Kingston's "beautiful girls", I can't imagine any reason someone would have anything bad to say about you, little brother.

  3. i can't believe such would make you sick. and i'm not longing--i'm pensive. so there.

  4. This is kind of moving, really. I never lived long enough growing up (due to the military) to make friends like this. You kind of put a voice to some of my fears - the idea of friends only for a class or a ward or whatever. Then they disappear.
    I'm still thinking about all of this.

  5. i love you man! in a hearty bff kind of way! gonna get you a slap bracelet!

  6. oh ya, and i really like that you used the pic of me sitting on the bidet! haha