Friday, March 25, 2011

tic tacs.

i remember once getting a box of orange tic tacs when i was about twelve years old. my brother worked at the vans shoes shop in the local outlet mall and i'd gone with my dad to pick him up, making a pit stop at a gas station along the way. my father was kind enough to let me grab a treat of some sort, and i bought the box of orange tic tacs.

for whatever reason, the wait was a little longer than my twelve year old self had planned on and by the time we had picked up my brother and made our way home, i'd gotten through more than half the container. when my mother found out she was none too pleased and informed me that "they're breath mints, not candy. you can't just eat them like skittles."

i've a box of tic tacs i've been working on for the last few days. i just barely hit half empty.

my mother would be proud.


  1. The orange ones are definitely candy. I haven't had orange tic tacs since probably high school. I think I will buy some today, eat them in a 10 minute time span, and save the container for some future use. Maybe after that I will just sniff the container to make the fresh orange goodness last.

  2. have you ever noticed that mints typically have far more useful containers than equivalent candies?

  3. You both make a mother proud.
    If I had only known that a box of orange tic-tacs would make your day....
    but then you would have eaten them all in 30 minutes.
    Glad to see that you have made some progress Trace.