Saturday, April 11, 2009

facebook fiasco. (an apology and explanation)

well, this was a little embarrassing...

i'm assuming most of you are completely familiar with facebook (as you probably found this blog via facebook), but in case you are not... click here.

anyway, when i first arrived home from my mission, upon much encouragement, i obtained a facebook account and it lived a happy two month life. after two months, however, some problems arose. it seems in my facebook infancy i was a bit naive (much as i had been when i used myspace) and just added whoever requested me as a friend and accepted any old application invite sent. this lead to problems as between the (at times, racy) crew i had assimilated and the applications i had carelessly added took a toll on my poor account and it was malfunctioning in bizarre ways and was getting bizarre messages and wall posts to boot. rather than attempt to purify, as it was already falling apart, i simply deleted it and started a new account. (be my friend on my real account here, if you so desire)

well, i did so and all was well. i re-assimilated all my old friends and none of the same worthless applications or weirdos from before. all was well.

here's where things got confusing for some of you (and for me as well, as will be explained). it turns out that facebook never actually deletes your account. instead, it will render it as inactive, but retain all your friends, photos, conversation history, so on and so forth. i remember that i had quite a few photos on my old account, and being uncertain if i had them on my computer, i decided to hop back on a year later and reclaim the photos, which it let me do without problem. in order to prevent confusion and people wondering why they have two trace lund's with on their friends list, i did what i could to make it so the profile was essentially invisible. i deleted any friends i recognized or had conversations with and put all my account settings to private so that i could only see everything. people i didn't even remember i didn't bother deleting since i had already been deleting things for twenty minutes. i got lazy. besides, not like anyone that i didn't know would even notice if i randomly appeared again for two days on their friends list.

well, all was well and good, or so i thought, until i was hit with a rather entertaining (if not disturbing) message from a friend. he had (i'm guessing) been tagged in one of the aforementioned photos and noticed that they belonged to me, with a different name. he attempted to add me as a friend and said this:

hey man. is this your new drag queen name account or what? = P.

i didn't exactly grasp what in the world he was talking about, but it did make it clear that my "bullet-proofing" my account didn't work.

i wrote him this response from my real account:

hey bro. sorry about the confusion. remember last year when i got a new facebook account? maybe not... anyway. that's my old account. i just realized i still had loads of photos up on it and i'm trying to get all of them off and on to the computer. hahahahahaha, and thanks for your assumption that i have a drag queen name. did you like it? hahahahaha.

so all i know now is that apparently people can see i have two accounts up, it is causing at least some confusion, and for some reason my friend mentioned drag queens. needless to say, he wasn't the only one that was confused.

to do what i could in the mean time, i removed the photo of me in hopes of making it clear that it was not my actual account.

the message was sent this morning. autumn offered some insight when she mentioned that she had found the account somehow (which confused me because i thought the thing was invisible to everybody else) and mentioned that the people i had on my friends list were all pretty weird.

now things started coming together. i didn't bother looking (i just deleted the account again... i'll check if i have the photos elsewhere), but apparently the people i didn't bother deleting were all a bit... colorful. colorful enough that when i mentioned the whole thing to autumn, she said, "i wasn't sure... they might have been drag queens, i guess."

for the record, i don't remember every adding any as friends. however, i added anyone who sent a friend request and i don't even know any of these people... so let's just let it go.

and now it is done. so, don't worry about it folks. if you see anything by "traxy land", no, it is not my drag queen name, it's simply the name i changed the account to so people would know it wasn't my real account.

sorry for the confusion, and please never bring this up again. thanks!

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  1. 0 complains...I think I will add one...

    And also a posse of Arabic and Indian men that have been trying to add me on facebook since I am pale, female, and American.

    love you doll.